A downloadable Kickstarter demo for Windows

Steam Wishlist: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1212410/Hourglass/

This is a free Gameplay Demo of our Kickstarter Project called Hourglass.

Feel free to give as much feedback as possible :)

Made with Unreal Engine 4


Hourglass Gameplay Demo V2.1.zip 968 MB


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Directly at the beginning, when the boat arrived and you get out you can see that the boat completly black at the bottom, like completly . I don't know if that is intended. The waterfall at the beginnen looks strange if you look from the backsite. When I went through the first portal and the blackscreen was there, I could see a line of pixels at the right side.

That was everything. It's pretty nice game. The graphics are really beautiful. Only some shadows are little bit strange. I know that was really a strict review but I wanted to say everything so you can fix that. It's just a very nice game that needs some work. 👍

this game is amazin

The graphics style is very unique and absolutely georgeous and fits the Puzzle theme very well. It would be good of were to be optimized a little better however. Since I'm running the game at around 30 FPS, which is pretty sad considering how my PC runs Apex Legends at 80 FPS.

Amazing! I had a go at this about a month ago and loved the concept and visuals but I got stuck on (I'm guessing?) the last puzzle. Saw a let's play video yesterday and felt a bit stupid for not figuring it out I was supposed to rewind twice, but I got fixed on the idea that I'm supposed to jump back to main "island" with the cube and got really frustrated when the cube kept respawning back even if I made the jump.

That was really frustrating for me too, because I did the same thing. I did find the solution they wanted later on, but the first time the cube shifted back I felt like I'd been scolded for solving the problem in a way that was perfectly viable. That clever feeling you get for solving the puzzle was let down by it, honestly.

Love the concept

Really nice looking game and I beat all your puzzles. So, ha! I think I did them the right way, they were a bit unconventional near the end...



i will give it a try 

Gave it a go...

Even though I prefer more detailed graphics, Hourglass is a visually pleasing puzzle game with some fun puzzles happening in it. It's also rather relaxing, with the only stress of solving anything being what you put on yourself, and I like that. Sometimes, it's fun to just relax in a game.

Good job, devs, and good luck finishing it.

Part 2!

Now with more head scratching and puzzle solving!

I love the game a lot! I'm really excited for the full release, you can find my gameplay/commentary Here for the first half, I'll be releasing the second half tomorrow!


Good Concept game! I like it!  Most of levels are very easy but only one level is too too difficult for me.

You can move blocks around while you're on top of them. I solved a puzzle where you're supposed to move the block as a recording, then get on top of it and let your ghost push you across, but I just got on top of it while interacting with it and i could basically drive it around~


A good start for this game, I look forward to seeing what else you do, keep me informed.

YouTuber: Fellowplayer


This game has been one of the best game I have every played! The puzzles aren't very hard but aren't very easy either. Yall are doing a great job with this game! 


If game lags in you low-pc and laptop - Open file %AppData%\Local\Opera\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\GameUserSettings.ini and paste here:



Have fun and plaing Demo!

which file do i open lmao?

I use "NotePad++" is free software. Can be opened with any text editor.


ok ill do it tnx


I finished all the puzzles,  the game was intresting but i didn't find it much different than other puzzle games that i Played in the last

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Quite a bit of challenge in there, those sneaky Egyptians knew how to put your mind to work. Good luck with the KS! :) 


If I have to say anything about the game is at the sand area Id make shadows a bit more dark to increase depth a little bit ... Great game great puzzles cant wait for more :) 


I've Seen the Trailers and the development-progress an i'm really happy to ssee how it developed so far! Really happy to see this nice piece of Art!



I love this game/demo! It's freaking adorable :3


I just saw the teaser and i instantly fall in love with this Game and after i played the demo i hope so much that the dream come  true and this guys can realese the game in a version they never thought it can come true. Pls everyone, hwo see this game, be part of this dream and help to realise it :)


I really like the demo and I am looking forward to the full release. Thank You!


Amazing game and amazing artstyle and concept!  Loved the demo, hope you‘re gonna reach the goal!


The graphicstyle is amazing! It creates an atmosphere wanting you to play it for hours and hours. Already played it multiple times and it is fun every time. I hope the finished game will be released as soon as possible so I can play more of it! Everyone should at least play this demo!

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Ayyyy thats the best demo i so proud of coym so yeah you to have to download it it is so good it let you feel 500 iq


I like the game concept! I had fun playing the demo. I'd like to see more of it!

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Really nice game so far, i like the game mechanic (you have to play with a second version of yourself to open up the doors and get further in the game) hope that the Kickstarter campain is reaching its goal so Hourglass gets published. If you are curious (and you should be) i recommend playing the Demo [Download above] and see for yourself. :D

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Realy great game!

I didn´t expected that the published demo is just that awesome ^^

Loved to play the levels, i realy hope it gets coded to a full version and BIG Thubs up from me!

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This game is beautiful the graphicsstyle is great and I like the Idea to have a multiplayer in a singleplayer thumbs up and good luck with your kickstarter project. :D


Very well done!  So much beautiful art! I did manage to beat it,  even the last puzzle.  I love what you did and I wish you all the luck on your kickstarter!  


Thank you very much ! We had fun watching your video :)